Walang Hanggang Paalam

Okay here we go: There’s a new movie, with a gay love scene that is wonderfully lovely, called Walang Hanggang Paalam, and Jake Roxas and Rico Barrera are the lovers [shown above]. Of course, this serious drama movie is not entirely on the subject of the same-sex persuasion, but it would be a thrill [and delight] to see Jake and Rico make love. Walang Hanggang Paalam, directed by Paolo Vilalluna and Ellen Ramos , will premiere showing on 8 Feb 2009 at 8 p.m. at Robinson’s Galleria, while commercial showing is on 11-18 February 2009 at Indiesine of Robinson’s Galleria.

Old Pic

I found an old photo of Rico Barrera, who became relatively famous after his stay in the Big Brother house a few years ago.  His new photos came out recently to promote his indie movie Lalamunan, and I must say he’s quite different in those images [scroll down for the new pics]. I’m not so sure now but could there have been some surgery done on his beak or cheek? Or maybe just a personality shift – like those things that make people look good by heightening their confidence and demeanor and all?   I like the new look better, if you ask me.

Lalamunan tonight!

Don’t forget to troop to the UP Film Institute later tonight for the premiere of Lalamunan, the new movie of Rico Barrera [in photo] and Jordan Herrera and Randolph Dungo plus a whole lot more guys.  Lalamunan is the story of marital rape and domestic violence and of course, gay loooove.  So, in case you are wondering now about the title which refers to the larynx – I think – and how it figures in the story, then let’s all go to the State U this evening and watch the big reveal. Lalamunan will be shown in theaters on 19 November.

Rico Barrera bares

Rico Barrera finally gets his due as an actor via the indie flick with a gay theme,  Lalamunan. The 27-year-old former model and bikini-pageant veteran is one of the lead actors in the movie, which promises to showcase Rico’s talents and assets. I’m not kidding. The premiere night is on Thursday, 13 November at the UP Film Institute while regular showing is on 19 November at selected theaters. Mark the dates guys!


Is lalamunan the larynx or the throat? I’m just wondering because there’s a new movie coming out of Leo Films as directed by Jigz Recto and it’s called Lalamunan, where the theme’s gay in some ways and there are Jordan Herrera, Rico Barrera and Randolph Dungo  [aka Ran Domingo] doing nasty sexy things like sodomy and all.  The preem is on 13 November at the UP Film Institute [uncut again, of course] while regular showing starts on 19 November.  Photos above are some scenes from the much-vaunted sodomy episode between the characters of Jordan Herrera and Ran Domingo.  

The Boxer: Rico Barrera

Best remembered as the sniff-sniveling, tight-speedo-wearing resident in the first Philippine edition of Big Brother, Rico Barrera is out to prove that he’s really a tough cookie. He is in ABS-CBN’s Pinoy Mano Mano: The Celebrity Boxing Challenge, where he risks his new beak against fellow TV and movie personalities in a boxing-reality show . He lost last Saturday.