Hot Men in the Philippines

B_ stole my look!

ivo jakey78Who’s sexier: newest Bench Body endorser Ivo Buchta or ex-endorser (now-Guitar underwear rep) Jake Cuenca?  Jake did that pose first, and Ivo followed, showing off his ample ass-ets.  I have my own choice, judging from all those chunks of man-meat, but in the end, butt and beaut are in the eye of the beholder.

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  1. Sadly until now usap usapan pa din ang hindi mawala wala na baho ng hininga ni Jake! Sayang sya.. Ipagamot na sana nya….

  2. Simula nung nag acting classes yan abroad si Jake nag feeling angsty na. Di ko mawari. Hahahaha
    Lahat may concept sa IG and galaw nya. Hindi na natural.

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