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Shirtless Sensation

The other Jollibro is Matthias Rhoads, who has been featured here more than a couple of times (here and here). A smile like that goes a long, long way, but the body is to die for. He has obviously put much work on that, along with his talents in acting and singing. We obviously love you, Mr. Rhoads!

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    1. commercial ad nga para sa Valentine’s Day eh, tungkol sa iba’t ibang klase ng pag-ibig jusko naman.

      uso at relatable sa panahon ngayon ang mga hugot at feels, sinasakyan at sinasabayan lang ng Jollibee kung san makakarelate ang mga tao.

  1. Cute to at mas sossy. Pero kung pa pipiliin dun ako sa bes. Parang ang sarap sa kama este kasama parang more on personality yun at mukhang wawasakin ka talaga. Hahaha

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