Monthly Archives: November 2010

Pretty Boy

Cute or not? His name is Aldrin Quillope, a 20-year-old veteran of male pageants, personality contests and bikini competitions. This 5’10”-tall boy was the Mr. Antipolo City titleholder prior to his entry into the metro’s bigger contests. He has also done runway shows and underwear modeling for some designers.

Brod Kenjie

Boylike Kenjie Garcia – who played a prominent role [he got buggered by his Tito Jo] in Ang Lihim ni Antonio – is back in another gay flick. This time he figures in some sexy scenes with Ardie Bascara in the Grit Project’s Brod. The movie is all about fraternities and how two members develop a mutual attraction for each other. Brod starts its commercial showing on 10 November 2010 in selected theaters.


It looks like sexy model Jon Hall is back in show business once again. The quintessential model for undergarments – sexy and unique, tough and well-built – is making a bid at the klieg lights once more after his marked but short-lived appearance in the latest edition of Survivor Philippines. So, what will it be for Mr. Hall? Romance, comedy or drama? Or maybe, flesh flicks a la Xerex The Movie, the one he did in 2003?
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