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Laboracay 2014: Boldie Paolo Serrano with lots of body hair, models Marx Topacio and Raphael Kiefer with no shirts on, ex-Boldie and now flight attendant Wil Sandejas, twinky Teejay Marquez with beard, model Mark Manicad with bf, dancer Jann Stephen Noval sans designer bf

Bikini and Wings


IMG_6266 copy

Howzabout a bikini boy with wings?


Top Sam


Sammy72 copy

Still one of Bench Body‘s favorite models, Sam Ajdani is coming out with a risqué campaign soon. Of course, you’ve seen him in the one-minute videos of the local underwear company in various states of undress akin to John Spainhour‘s soft porn teasing.  This hunk is scorching hot!

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