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I loved you in the morning…


Speaking of naked all the time, Dominic Roque is also in that wish list. The cute little boy is now one of the resident exhibitionists in Bench Body and I, we are wishing for the little thongs on this guy.  In the meantime, he’s feeling his way through the rigors of underwear modeling. It’s a good start, actually.


Dancer in the spotlight.


Jay Gonzaga‘s wet pits!

Benjamin’s privates

BenjaminIt has been quite a while since Piolo‘s dear nephew Benjamin Alves agreeably entertained us with his nakedness. Remember his peak at the Bench Body shows and ads? Benjamin’s still in proper form, though he rarely shows us the stuff he’s largely and amply made of. As I have said before, I’m digging his plump buttocks and sturdy legs. He should be nekkid all the time!

Seymour Butts

More buns: Xian Pascual.

Miles and RexterMyles and Rexter try to fit in their skimpy bikinis before going on stage.

derrickWe’re keeping track of your progress Mr. Monasterio!


Bikini boy Antonio Kwong and his low hangers.

Pull down those shorts!

GeraldSo gaze and be amazed. I’m actually thinking out loud and Gerald Anderson is pushing the nakedness envelope a bit far these days. He’s never been half-naked this way before and it’s a big cause for celebration. Mr. Anderson has always been a favorite in this site and that banging body is just enough to fuel many nasty thoughts about this boy!


Backstage, the boys realized they were missing some pieces in their bikinis.

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