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Up in varsity hills

varsityObviously you’re eyeing the smaller and cute one.  The 5’9″-tall basketball player is Yvan Ludovice, who played for the San Beda Red Lions several seasons ago. He’s between Baser Amer and David (or maybe Anthony) Semerad, teammates in the champion team of the Mendiola-based school at the collegiate games.  They may not be the usual hunks we feature here (except for the Semerad guy), but their tempting physical attributes alone are enough to support this post.

ram ace

Flashback Friday: Ram Ace Bautista in his birthday suit.


IMG_0386A bit lower and we’ll get to see heaven. Or at least a slice of it. I have always featured George Irineu  in this site in his nakedness. Somehow, he manages to show a little piece of skin one at a time. Whether he’s in his speedos or grandpa underwear, this Brazilian model is always the ideal undergarments (and denims, look!) model, who’s not too timid showing off.

hideoBom dia Hideo!

Marvin ArcePardon, your balls are showing Contestant No. 3!


Hello guys!

BenxPrivate Benjamin Alves. Hottie.

kevinredderPits anyone? Kevin Redder, model.


JL Dizon is back in the bikini open circuit!


TomRod copyWe have practically featured all shapes and sizes of boys and men in this site. Some are hot and sexy, others are cute and charming. Tom Rodriguez is a bit of all of the above, as he somehow manages to transition from wholesome to, uhm, fun sometimes. Coming up this season is Tom in all his shirtless glory as Sergio in the GMA tv soap Marimar!

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