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Where to, Aljur?


IMG_0897 copyIt’s always a visual delight to see tall and appealing guys on the ramp. Of course, the bonus would be the upper-torso nudity and chest, the abs and long legs. AJ Hanson is probably our best model export yet – he’s in New York trying his luck in the crowded field out there. So far, with a little help from his friend and benefactor, he’s surviving. I meant that in a good way, of course.

????????????????????????????????????The boys get creative!

vincePit shot: Vince Ferraren

xian pascualJohn Abril a.k.a. Xian Pascual all decked out (except the buttocks, of course).



Hideo Muraoka looks hot and sexy in this shot and finally he dons the Speedos with the bulge. Previously, the Brazilian looker was more conservative shirtless in board shorts and jeans. Hopefully, he’ll always wear the swim trunks in his photo shoots. Because we can never get enough of this guy, that’s why!

SandinoMartinNew kid on the acting block:  Sandino Martin!

Mr. Busby

DSCF3554Once in a while we encounter variety in this site, because Bench Body makes dem model boys wear its briefs and what-nots in its shows. English-model-in-our-shores Christian Busby is all too willing to comply and he’s our Monday man-candy, of course.  You might have noticed the huuuge thighs and apparently, everything else immediately connected to those ham hocks.


Mr. Chinatown 2013 1st ru Jerome Tan was fat like you!


Teenie Weenie Peenie Monday! (at least one has a nice bod!)

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