IMG_0897 copyIt’s always a visual delight to see tall and appealing guys on the ramp. Of course, the bonus would be the upper-torso nudity and chest, the abs and long legs. AJ Hanson is probably our best model export yet – he’s in New York trying his luck in the crowded field out there. So far, with a little help from his friend and benefactor, he’s surviving. I meant that in a good way, of course.

Mr. Busby

DSCF3554Once in a while we encounter variety in this site, because Bench Body makes dem model boys wear its briefs and what-nots in its shows. English-model-in-our-shores Christian Busby is all too willing to comply and he’s our Monday man-candy, of course.  You might have noticed the huuuge thighs and apparently, everything else immediately connected to those ham hocks.