IMG_1327There was a time David Licauco was rumored to be one of the boyfriends of a prominent (and loud) showbiz personality. Of course, he was just starting out then and he needed all the exposures and publicity in the whole wide world. These days, the cute 21-year-old – who shot to relative 15-minutes of fame via the Mr. Chinatown route – is pursuing his acting career, thanks to special people guiding his way.

Candy cuties in undies

IMG_1405Throwback to this image of Dominic Roque modeling Bench Body underwear. The past year wasn’t really a banner year for this cute little actor. He has appeared in quite a couple of shows on ABS-CBN as supporting character, and we miss those days when he was way up there in the lead. Plus, his underwear photos are sorely missed, too.

MikeTanAhh, Mike Tan. How do I start with this one? He’s in the biz for quite some time already and it’s all a-ok for his supporting bits on GMA. Of course, he has always been a favorite in this site, with or without clothes on. More on the latter, needless to say.

diniz12Cutesome would be a word to describe young Brazilian model Daniel Diniz. Sometimes it is just enough to look and gaze at a fine specimen. In the doldrums of post holiday blues, Daniel in boxer briefs is balm for the weary soul indeed.

Happy New Year!

athan1I’m starting with a message for all of you this year:

May what you see in the mirror delight you, and what others see in you delight them. May someone love you enough to forgive your faults, be blind to your blemishes, and tell the world about your virtues.

I took that one out from some quotation site, but I feel it’s apt for this first day of the year as a greeting to you wayward readers. We’re all set for another exciting year of boys, growing, re-appearing and constantly evolving.  You might remember Athan Collado from the past as a fresh-faced and flawless lad who won a major contest years ago. Today, he’s into body art, still a cutie, and I don’t have any problem with dat, if you ask me! Happy New Year everyone!