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I’ll take a sweaty Semerad anytime!

G101Mr. Suave part 2. Night.



DandanThis is probably the sexiest thing Daniel Matsunaga can do for now. While he did the full monty in the past (remember his 70s bush?), he’s more conservative these days as a prime time lead actor in a soap.  Daniel’s doing the clean-cut wholesomeness shtick to cutesy perfection. Nudity is sorely missed, though.

Bench12 copy

Wayback Wednesday: The Original Bench model, Jon Hall!

Porn star boss

S100Who’s our humpy hunky boy, slowly slipping out of the skimpy towel?


Jayvie Ramos has a wank vid, too.


Let the sunshine in

Michael SIt’s a shame I haven’t featured Michael Siefert in this site all this time. The Filipino-German model with gorgeous bone structure and the blue steel pout certainly deserves a shout out and his photo here is long overdue.  Perhaps you’ve seen before as the gangly teen in that late lamented midnight show Walang Tulugan. He’s turned out to be such a charmer. Time flies, beauty enhances.


Erie Obsena speaks softly but carries a big stick!


Aljur in underwear shots. Soon!


Bursting with the Labadors – Rendon and Jormiel!

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