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Monday comes

alexander kingHere’s a litte (or maybe, huge) pick-me-up for this dull Monday workday morning after the long holidays. You’ve seen him before in daring boricua booty shots and bikini open antics.  Now, he goes a few inches further for that extra oomph. Don’t you just love these boys?

Ameen, Amen


Summer ushers in the new and hot boys on the block. Case in point is Century Tuna Superbods finalist Ameen Sardouk, who’s one glam find from the other side of the fence – the basketball court. I am secretly wishing that the tallest boys – Erie and Ameen, both cute around the edges, win the competition.


Jome Silayan makes a splash!

don mcgyverPoliceman cum model Don McGyver Cochico goes for the artsy shot.



“When the cameras started clicking
I was a star burning bright. Burning bright.
And I had nothing but the radio on.”Sir Babyish Cunt

centurySquad goals with the Century Tuna boys: (l-r) Ryan Sy, Jerome Tan, Ali Khatibi, Pio Luz and Ameen Sardouk.

KirsteyBody of Kirst (Viray).

Beauteous maximus

Stephan120Our featured gem today is the boy in the spider bikini – Stephen Dorschner. Though he’s not active in the bikini open circuit anymore (rack that up as summer’s greatest loss this year!), it’s such a shame not to share this hot, hot image of Stephen. I can’t write anything more because where words fail, beauty always speaks.

echo copy

Remember Jericho Rosales‘s outdoor shower scene in the original Pangako Sa ‘Yo tv series?

Tom Jake

Top contenders in Century Tuna Superbods: Tom Esconde (left) and Jake Ahmed Khan!

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