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tommy cayampat

Introducing bikini boy Tommy Cayampat!

Carlo is back!

CarloNine years ago, a former fat kid by the name of Carlo Guevara emerged into Bench Body consciousness when he won the first-ever model search of the underwear company. He modeled for Bench for a time, then moved into tv and the movies. He’s back as one of the endorsers, hotter than before!


Cute director Gino Santos with the boyz!


Ronnie Palermo sizzles

Team Cuties


The image above is proof that life is unfair sometimes: so many beautiful boys in one picture. Can you smell the testosterone? Of course, they have to look good! These are the younger models who are dominating the runways of late.  Now, if only we can choose among Erie Obsena, Daniel Velasco, Guillermo Cuerva and David Licauco. Life is hard.

Jake has been…


…to the beach and look what he’s wearing! Guitar underwear, of course! While it is a no-no to don underwear in public beaches and pools (except for guttersnipes, of course, who think Bench Body is proper swimwear), Jake’s an exception. My exception, actually, as he can wear anything small and sexy in the water.

kiko matos

Kiko Matos has an event tonight!


Contestant no. 15 Richard Carlos!

zeusZeus and his VPL!


Butt Brigade!

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