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The Boys

enriquePardon the Bench Body images of late. It’s their back-to-school season, so they came out with a collection of underwear and garments for the fashion-savvy kids. I think. And then again, it’s more than enough reason to shoot celebrity endorsers in their flesh-baring poses.

Enrique4Enrique Gil, one of the more popular actors today, gets his due. Of course, his home station prohibits him to show his butt and bulge again until he grows some armpit hair. I’m making that up, because I think 24-year-old Mr. Gil will eventually drop those pants to show off his white Bench Body undies. In a few years, probably.

MartinConsider Enrique’s contemporary, Martin del Rosario. Although Martin’s younger by a year, he’s been churning out the underwear posts like there’s no Bench Body tomorrow! Plus who could forget that extra special Martin post in camo tank top with dick-a-dangling? He’s way hotter, right?


Carlos Agassi works out in his boxers.


More Kiko Arcilla, up close.

Like Tom

tomEver since Tom Rodriguez was signed up by underwear giant Bench Body as one of its endorsers, he has always been a favorite in this site. Who wouldn’t be captivated by his sweet smile, puppy-dog eyes and *gasphuge bulge? Whether it’s his facial features or his bulge that captivates you, Tom delivers on all fronts!


Model to watch: Yuki Sakamoto

mark 24

More of chubuff Neil Allen Ibasco a.k.a. Mark Revilla

Nomnomnom Dom

DomOn Hump Day, we do Dominic Roque and his boyish nakedness. It has been a while since the 25-year-old actor and underwear endorser has graced this blog, and now we present him in his pair of Bench Body briefs. He’s in his physical prime, which explains why he’s a favorite at the Bench backlot (or basement) where the shoots are done. I meant photo shoots, silly.


Enchong is happy.

Crazy over Culver


What’s so special about Culver Padilla? Apart from his perfect abs and well, perfect abs, he’s apparently the most in-demand, uh, model these days. Thanks to his star turn at the Century Tuna Superbods (where he had an express pass at the go-see), Culver is now going places !


Bikini boy Kiko Arcilla ditches his bikinis.

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