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Candid and wet Vin Abrenica!


Bikini boy Patrick San Miguel covers up.

Step Up


stefano2American model Stefano Churchill is a breath of fresh manly and musky air these days. The 24-year-old ANTM alum is one of the centerfold guys of Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine this year. In fact, he’s all over the place – in ads and magazine editorials, in various states of undress. Of course, we’re not complaining.


Caption this: JC and James

Jeff & John

jeffjohnYou’ve seen everything about Jeff Langan and John Spainhour, two of the hottest models from the Bench Body mill. Another photo of them together wouldn’t hurt, right? Not if they’re in their tighty whities, posing and preening for us all.


Jheem disrobes again.


Figure skater Michael Martinez is now a hottie!


Pet Albie!

Fit or Fib?


Do you like your boys fleshy and beefy? Just enough for those adorable love handles? Then actor and underwear model Ejay Falcon is your guy! It seems like he’s enjoying the undies-whoring lately. Of course, he’s hot that way but methinks he needs to amp up the frontal part just a wee bit.


Bikini “open” contestant Lawrence Cervantes

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