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You’ve touched his perfect body…

hans-wieser-copy…with your mind. Bench Body underwear model Hans Weiser forgot his drawers at home, and we’re just too glad he did on this photoshoot. Hans always had amazing photographs in this site, but none came close to this one in his perfect pumptitude. Is there anything more to be said?


Marco or Rodjun?


Cute boy Bralle Santiago in fun(ny) bikini.

Tom’s Sides

tomasIt has been two years and images of Tom Rodriguez in all his bulging bravado still dominate any web search about the guy. We can’t exactly blame the world wide web for such hot, hot pictures to surface first, they deserve top priority in our list, if you ask me.  We hope there’s a repeat of the Naked Truth show pretty soon.

Patrick’s Position

patrickToday’s post, bikini open contestant Patrick San Miguel is another request, made by more than one person. Should I have known him? Apparently, I’ve featured him a while back, and he’s quite sexy in this exclusive picture that I have in storage. Sometimes, some variety is all we need in this wayward site.


Ronnie Palermo rocks the elephant thong!


Get a whiff of David Semerad!

Wankers Release

odagarciaWe love a bit of gossip once in a while (scroll down below for some background): The young boys were released yesterday for lack of evidence (and apparently, no case was filed). There was really no money involved because the employees got their salaries way ahead. Besides, another angle’s being delved into as the barangay chairman filed three reports in the police blotters for death threats via anonymous text messages. The plot thickens, but what becomes of our little boys now?


Korean delight, Vin Lee!

md60 md61

Back stage bikini chaos!

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