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Amir in tighty whities

Sold on Oral

Matthew AF

I can’t believe I missed out on this one. Today, student-athlete-model Matthew Custodio gets his due on this site, as he is featured on the main post.  ‘Fabulous Freckles‘ is probably one of the cutest models of the local underwear brand, and I’m mighty happy he gets to wear those tight briefs to highlight his, uh, divine physical traits.

Jericho Rosales, still a hottie at 38

In town: Argentinian model Cristiano D’Angelo

Ionic Egg Mood

Gig Mooed Coin

Ken Chan was in that show, too

Pietro B

Trust Bench/Body to get all the hottest-in-social-media models to wear its undies. This time it’s another Pietro, Pietro Baltazar dubbed as the ‘Justin Bieber of Vidigal (Rio de Janeiro).” I’m hoping somewhere in the deep dark web, there are ultra-racy photos out there, but then again, the following images aren’t that bad (naughty) either.. (more…)

Under the sheets with Govinda

Side view Addy Raj

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