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Los Bastardos (with replacement)

Hot and Durrrty with Mauro Lumba

Flashback Friday: Josh Ivan Morales

Prince Prince of Bel Air

What’s next for Daniel Matsunaga? The Brazilian model-actor’s luck seems to have been on the downturn lately. Aside from some guest appearances, he has no regular tv shows and movies. His restaurant-bar’s closed. He has a bad rep as a showbiz grifter. Maybe he needs a little push. Or another scandal to make tongues wagging again.

Droppinf the towel soon! Mark McMahon


How about Ruru in the bathroom?

The other Abrenica: Allen

Piolo’s body

What do JC Tan, Carlo Pasion and Renz Lou Lagria have in common?

Geriatric Porn

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