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Nick Naughty

Hey look! Our favorite Mr. Thailand, Nick Nolte did a shoot a year ago with our favorite photog! We can’t wait for the juicy bits to come out soon. Nick’s coming (no pun) back to Manila next month to pursue modeling and  a showbiz career. Is he up for it?

Raymond Gutierrez bares

Vin Abrenica hotter

Nips: Mustafa Elizali

JC Santos’s backside

One to watch: Aaron Beau Davis

Marc Nelson 15 years ago

Throwback: When Bench made raunchy ads (Jon Hall)

Beach Boy

He’s probably the most adorable Bench/Body underwear model yet! Filipino-Brit student and athlete Matthew Custodio is fun and carefree and that makes him extra sexy. Although wearing undies in the beach is gauche, I might have to give him a free pass for looking this hawt!

Ruru’s beach day

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