And rugby player Gaz Holgate, too, was in the Bench Body show. Notice the legs! To die for, actually.  The Filipino-Welsh hunk flew into town for the Philippine Fashion Week show of the underwear company. 

A Semerad

A sexy  shirtless Semerad. I don’t know which one, but they look identical, so it doesn’t matter if it’s Anthony or David. Did you know that Semerad actually means “swift person” in Czech? But I’d like to think – with these hottie twins – that it sounds like “semen rod.”

Men Like You

Smorgasbord, actually. How would you like to be, uh, ravaged senseless by these rough-and-tumble boys? On one side would be the lean and fit Azkals, while the other end would have to be the bulky Volcanoes. Oh, you would get your fill from the likes of Misagh, Aly, Nate, Andrew, Kenneth, Kit plus the others. In your dreams.


They’re on the spotlight again. These hunky Azkals playing for the gold in the AFF Suzuki Cup. Here are some of the sexy men in the group: [l-r] 24-year-old half-German Patrick Reichelt who’s the Right Winger in the team; 23-year-old half-Spanish Carlos Alberto Martinez de Murga Olivar who plays Right Back in the group; 29-year-old half-German Dennis Santos Wolf as the Striker; and, 21-year-old half-Italian Marwin Angeles Janver who is the Mid-Fielder. Happy Monday everyone!

The Brothers del Rosario

Who’s hotter? Who’s cuter? Will you go for 30-year-old Azkals main man Anton del Rosario, who was a bit daring during the 2012 Cosmo Bachelor Bash when he mooned the audience? Or the 20-year-old up-and-coming model Niko del Rosario, who can only go shirtless for now in fashion shows and shoots? I’ll take both chinitos, if you ask me.


How would you like to get down and dirty with these boys? Of course, these are your big, chunky-hunky boys of the Philippine Volcanoes. They’re in their Bench Body briefs once again – this time not in giant billboards though. Now, I think they need some real cleaning and scrubbing.

Aly in Red

When will Azkals team captain Alexander Charles “Aly” Borromeo pose sexily again in tight underwear for Bench Body? He looks mighty hot even if he’s wearing the regulation shorts for football. Shirtless, natch! The 28-year-old Filipino-American stud once set EDSA on fire with his come-hither billboard for Bench Body.


If you want to see sexy, shirtless boys in short shorts with huge legs and bulging, uh, muscles, head over to the Rizal Memorial Football Stadium to catch Asian Five Nations Division I tournament. Last night, the Philippine national men’s rugby union team defeated Singapore, 37-20, to open its campaign in the rugby tournament. The Philippines continues its campaign on Wednesday at 7 p.m. versus Chinese Taipei, before wrapping up the tournament against Sri Lanka on Saturday. Division I is the second tier of competition in Asian Five Nations rugby, next only to the Top 5. Winning the tournament would earn the Philippines a promotion to the top tier. From left: Chris Everingham, Jake Letts, Darran Seeto, Nick Perry and Kenneth Stern.

Boy Watch

Do you watch the United Football League? Well, we have one, and there are really cute guys in the bunch. Some of the cute athletes in the League are, from left: Filipino-Iranian Misagh Bahadoran and Filipino-Spanish Carlie de Murga, who both play for Global FC; Filipino-American Nate Burkey for Kaya FC; and, Filipino-Spanish Juani Guirado for Global FC. Now, if only they were playing shirtless on the field…



Those who follow pro basketball in the country will be familiar with this one. His name is Sean Anthony, a 26-year-old Filipino-Canadian who currently plays for the Powerade Tigers. Prior to joining the team, the 6’4″-tall player was a Physical Education major at McGill University in Montreal.
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