Pure testosterone

Locker1 locker2This is my dream locker room, clean and smelling of men and their bodies, and hints of feet, pits and butts sometimes. It’s the heady mix of testosterone, musk, sweat and the odor of body parts from hunks, good looking hunks like Gaz Holgate, Chris Everingham, Harry Morris and Andrew Wolff. This is about as good as it gets.

Defying the dadbod trend

Amir56He may be a bit older now, but Carlos Agassi has maintained his fine, fine physique all this time. Bucking fitness and body trends (like the #dadbod), Carlos is always showing off his burly bruising form in his social media accounts. It’s a good thing he’s also an underwear model (Guitar), in his buffed and polished, ripped and muscular glory.

gazAnd most adorable, sexy, lovable hunk Gaz Holgate, too. With his hot bod, disarming smile and boyish appeal, the 27-year-old athlete can’t go wrong, enough to make the girls and girls swoon over him even more.

Handsome as fuck

GazI’m always dreaming of a real guy, that’s fresh as a daisy, in a cute innocent boy kind of way but really a chunky hunky full-grown man, sexy and handsome as fuck. The first person that comes to mind is athlete Gaz Holgate, who’s pulling off both the boy-next-door look and the porn star bit, with a naughty and wicked mug. Isn’t he adorable?

My Gaz!

As if the summer 2012 campaign’s not enough, Bench Body came out again with a real sexy shocker. It’s rugby player Gaz Holgate in tight underwear! Twenty-three-year-old Gaz was part of the Philippines squad for the 2011 Asian Five Nations Division 1 in South Korea. He also appeared recently in a local music video, prompting speculations of a showbiz entry for the hunky athlete.


Filipino-British Gareth Leslie “Gaz” Holgate might just enter showbiz one of these days. That is, of course, if the 23-year-old hunk can take time off his Japanese rugby club Kyoden Voltex. Gaz was part of the Philippines squad for the 2011 Asian Five Nations Division 1 in South Korea.