Christian Cayabyab goes to Macau

One of the better-looking members of the new sexy boy-group, the Cappuccinos, Christian Cayabyab arrived in Macau Saturday night to start work as an entertainer in Asia’s gambling [and entertainment] capital. The 6’2″-tall hunk will join the Johnron, Jude Marco and  a host of other Filipino models as part of the Philippines Sexy Models group in DD3 Disco. Incidentally, only 4 male models [Christian included] were chosen during the open-call auditions held a month back in Manila. Now, that Christian Cayabyab is in Macau, I wonder what will happen to the void he left in Cappuccinos, which was recently [re]launched.

The Cappuccinos!

Let’s see..topmost row is that of 22-year-old bikini contest veteran Kish McBride a.k.a Julian Kish [left] and 21-year-old student Rod Ortiz. On the second row, there’s controversial Sagwan actor Dennis Torres [left] and 23-year-old and 6’2″-tall Christian Cayabyab. Bottom row is composed of 18-year-old Filipino-German Adrian Patry a.k.a. Adrian Campos [left] and 20+-year-old Canadian Brendan Lewis. These are six of the eight members launched earlier tonight as the sexy male gorup, The Cappuccinos. Who’s your top pick?

Christian Cayabyab sizzles

Christian Cayabyab is the tallest member of the new sexy boy-group Cappuccinos. At 6’2″, he towers over the other boys in the pack. He’s a native of Pangasinan province and he has been in male personality and bikini contests for quite some time. The 23-year-old graduate of BS Marketing at the Adamson University was last seen as a finalist in the Mister Philippines International pageant last year. Interestingly, he is not part of the new movie Sagwan where his group is featured.