Sagwan Boys

At this time of the year in 2009, promotions were underway for the indie flick Sagwan introducing two bikini contest veterans – Dennis Torres [left] and Ryan Dungo. The boys were bold and daring in the movie which got a double X rating from the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. Sagwan made waves further by pitting the MTRCB against the University of the Philippines [UP] when the movie was shown in the university’s Film Center sans cuts. MTRCB asserted it had jurisdiction over the university, which in turn denied such interference. Just the same, the damage had been done – UP stopped the showing of gaycore indie flicks. And what happened to the boys? They are back in the bikini contests.

The Cappuccinos!

Let’s see..topmost row is that of 22-year-old bikini contest veteran Kish McBride a.k.a Julian Kish [left] and 21-year-old student Rod Ortiz. On the second row, there’s controversial Sagwan actor Dennis Torres [left] and 23-year-old and 6’2″-tall Christian Cayabyab. Bottom row is composed of 18-year-old Filipino-German Adrian Patry a.k.a. Adrian Campos [left] and 20+-year-old Canadian Brendan Lewis. These are six of the eight members launched earlier tonight as the sexy male gorup, The Cappuccinos. Who’s your top pick?

How was it again?

Okay, continue the discussion here. The movie has been shown ages ago and people are still talking beyond the merits of Sagwan. Too, it involved now the State U’s role in screening films far from the reach of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB]. For whatever it’s worth, the movie Sagwan brought about a lively interaction – nasty or otherwise – on the continuing debate on freedom of speech and expression versus public decency and pornography. Maybe we can hear the side of the producers and directors, too, as I’ve been hearing another story on the exploitation issue. In photo, Dennis Torres, one of the lead actors in the movie.

How was Sagwan?

Too bad I wasn’t able to go last night, but when I opened my mail today, I received mixed reviews about Sagwan.  Apparently, those who went to see the movie [and found time to email me – thank you so much for the gracious gesture] had lots to say about the movie, and the most I can remember were words such as cocked, flaccid, erect, and stiff – the last adjective, not referring to the penis of the guys from Cappuccinos like Dennis Torres [in photo]. So, how did you find the movie Sagwan

Sagwan tomorrow

Ryan Dungo [left] and Dennis Torres are reportedly doing the de rigueur frontal nudity scenes in the movie Sagwan, which is set to premiere tomorrow night [4 February 2009, 9 p.m.] at the UP Film Institute.  The two guys are part of the new boy-group Cappuccinos, which is also scheduled to do a sexy dance routine prior to the screening.  Now this is interesting as there’s actually a live show before the showing of the director’s cut of the film. Tickets cost P200.00 for reserved seats, P150.00 for regular and P100.00 for students.

Dennis Torres for Sagwan

So there’s this new movie called Sagwan [literally, “paddle”] and it’s an independent production from Rocca Productions under the direction of Monti Parungao. One of the guys in the movie is sexy Dennis Torres, a former contestant at the Mister Philippines-International pageant. Reportedly, he’s doing the obligatory frontal nudity scene in this film shot in panoramic Calauag, Quezon. Dennis Torres is a member of the new boy-group Cappuccinos. The movie Sagwan will premiere at the UP Film Institute on 4 February 2009 .