They all know each other. They’ve probably met in a bikini contest in Santiago Cove, Ilocos Sur or maybe in the Ginoong Magayon competition in Legazpi City. Or perhaps Lips Bar from way back. They’re most happy and comfy parading in wispy little nothings with numbers attached. It’s all about the prize money and the thrill of being admired by an ogling bunch out for some sleazefest. These are the boys, regulars in the bikini competitions around town!


Veteran bikini open contestant Jhim Paulo Reginaldo is letting it all out. If he looks familiar, the 5’9″-tall model from Quezon City has done the rounds of male personality contests [with skimpy underwear segments] plus some Lips Bar appearances in the past. Twenty-one-year-old Jhim Paulo was last seen as one of the daring contestants in Bed Bar’s monthly Bed Bodies contest.

Fit and Fine

The guy in regulation orange trunks is Jhim Paulo Reginaldo, a 21-year-old charmer from Quezon City. He’s seen countless nights on stage, in bikini contests and he has won quite a few awards. The last time he was in a competition of the bikini variety was at the Metrobodies 2009 Search for Models of the Year, held last summer. Unfortunately, veterans Will Sandejas and Dexter Castro overtook him in the semifinals for the top prizes.