Remember the bikini open contestant with the mean surname? Joshua Pacquiao! Four years ago [see pictures above], out of nowhere, he appeared in this site and got a lot of positive – albeit raunchy – responses. He was then a fresh 19-year-old, brought along by his good friend Mark John Sellado a.k.a. Jake Mendoza to the bikini open.

Well, he looks like this now.

And this.

He got mature. Developed a bit of chest and arms. Still hot and sexy, if you ask me. Looks promising, eh?


Remember Joshua Pacquiao, the cute guy with the mean surname? I just remembered him because apparently he’s not included in the list of Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot and naughty bachelors. Surely he has some famous stock [surname packs a wallop!] and looks [adorable] and body [hawt!]. His good friend Mark John Sellado‘s in the pack. So now I’m wondering out loud – why is Pacquiao not in this year’s selection?

By Demand: Joshua Pacquiao

By popular email demand, here’s Joshua Pacquiao again, to brighten up our sunshiney Saturday! He’s one of the top favorites in the upcoming contest Mr. & Ms. Expo World- Philippines 2008, which will have its finals night on October 5 at the Pagcor Grand Theater in Paranaque City. Joshua Pacquiao swears that that is is surname and is not a bomba-star-fancy-name gimmick. He hopes to win the contest and proceed to Guatemala City in November for the international finals.

Who is Joshua Pacquiao?

Here’s someone new and his name is not a joke.  For sure, this 19-year-old upstart will create some buzz soon with his cutesome looks and nice bod.  Plus the famous last name, which is his real name! He is currently entered as one of the male contestants at the Mr. & Ms. Expo World-Philippines 2008, which will be held sometime in October. The 5’9″-tall Joshua Pacquiao is one of the early favorites in the contest, which had a press conference earlier today.