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Arwin Sigua comes in third at Beach Bodies

Next to Merick and Jeffrey, 24-year-old Arwin Sigua from Angeles City was one of the winners [second runner-up] in Subic Feeport’s biggest bikini contest – Beach Bodies 2008 held last April 14. Arwin, who is as tall as Jeffrey, stood out for his well-defined bod and fine chinito looks [plus the fact that he’s sporting a buzz-cut!]. Immediately after the contest, newbie Arwin reportedly got modeling offers and projects from the designers and talent agents.

Mondays aren’t really that baad…

Image : Alvin Montano

This might change your Monday mood. For a while. In a recent study entitled Memories of “Bad” Days Are More Biased Than Memories of “Good” Days: Past Saturdays Vary, But Past Mondays Are Always Blue published by Charles Areni and Mitchell Burger of the University of Sydney, it was found that, on average, people’s moods remained about the same throughout the week. Mondays were not as depressing as people thought and Fridays and Saturdays were not as exciting as people predicted. The results, according to the study, demonstrate the memory bias: when thinking back, we tend to recall the worst incidence of an event we’ve experienced before. Mondays are stereotypically depressing, so we tend to recall the worst Mondays. Fridays and Saturdays are stereotypically exciting so we tend to recall the best Fridays and Saturdays. Consequently, in reality our mood fluctuation over the week might not follow the stereotypical pattern of a steady increase from a low on Monday to a high on Saturday. Instead our weekly average mood profile could be much flatter than we imagine, according to the study.

Marvin Wijangco in Manhunt!

Marvin Wijangco a.k.a. Marvin Raymundo is the Philippine representative in this year’s Manhunt International pageant, a male modeling contest that traces its roots in Singapore. The 5’11”-tall model-actor was handpicked by the local franchise holder [Manager of Marvin? Last year’s delegate was Roldunne Mendoza, also a ward of Marvin’s manager]. In any case, here’s hoping the boyish-looking Marvin Wijangco will win the contest. There’s a popularity voting scheme in the website of the contest, but I think you have to pay [insert frown face].

Body Shots with Suzuki Aragon

One of the contestants in this year’s Body Shots [an annual modeling competition sponsored by the Fashion Designers Association of the Philippines] is 5’9″-tall Suzuki Sodatsugu Aragon a.k.a Piko Suzuki.  Twenty-year-old Suzuki from Tondo, Manila was previously seen as a crowd favorite in Filinvest Festival Mall’s 2008 Summer Bodies [won by Raph Almeda – another Body Shots finalist] and in Hataw Super Bodies 2008 [won by JC Dungo].  

Tight: Trey Acuna

Speaking of Subic Beach Bodies, candidate no. 19 was Trey Acuna, a 5’9″-tall twink from Cavite. Trey made it as one of the top six finalists in noticeably loose flesh-colored swimwear that highlighted his, uh, derring-do and balls during the competition. With a fine lean and mean form in the bikini contest, Trey gave the ultimate winners – Merick and Jeffrey and Arwin, a substantial fright for the title.
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