It’s Miller time!

Miller Terrobias is a 20-year-old Pasay City native who went through the sexy male contests last year. He was in the Lakan ng Kalakhang Maynila 2007 male pageant, a preliminary contest to the national Ginoong Pilipinas. Then he joined the Valentino Magazine Cover Boy Search at Metro Bar [which contest was won by JV Roxas]. And the reason why we have the photo above is because he was a winner in one of the weekly contests of Lips Bar.

Xeno Alejandro does theater

In the ongoing play at the Cultural Center of the Philippines, George Vail Kabristante’s Ang Kwento ng Menginga ng New York City na Kamukha ng Bee-Stung Lips ni Julia Roberts, Xeno Alejandro, who is cast in a major role – nudity included, reportedly got the attention of Bench owner Ben Chan when he [Xeno] wore Bench Body thongs on stage. Mr. Chan, who was in the theater at that time was so impressed with the male lead’s pecs and curves that he asked the producers to send him over to the underwear brand’s offices. The former member of Calendar Boys might just land a spot – express lane, sans the rigorous go-see – in Bench’s Blackout show this July at the Araneta Coliseum.

Cherroy Curamen

Yes, that’s his real name. And his nickname is Paolo. He took up BSBA Management at Baliuag University in Bulacan. Aside from being a freelance model, the 5’11”-tall Cherroy is also a professional bikini open contestant for years now. Cherroy Curamen has practically ran the gamut of bikini contests from A to Z. When he did one of Lips Bar’s contests, he finally won a title.


Recently, some comments veered towards the propriety of trimming the bush. Everyone has his own, uh, taste and preference for the length of the fur and fuzz down there, so there’s no freakin’ need to argue, guys. Here’s Maico Eduria aka Josh Ivan Morales of Antonio fame, who has been known to keep the forest wild and grassy. Sometimes mistaken for being the aloof and arrogant one in Provoq, Josh Ivan is just reserved and unassuming in person. On cam, of course, he’s the most daring one in his group.

Jon Mullally booming

Enough of the sleaze first. How about Jon Mullally aka Jon Avila for today? After signing up last year with Star Magic, ABS-CBN’s network-based talent agency, Jon seemed to have made a successful transition from the runway to the telly.  As a chunky-hunky part of that all-boys sing-and-dance group called  Coverboys, Jon will soon fly to the U.S. for a concert tour [gasp!]. Too, he has his own  superhero series on his home studio, Kapitan Boom. Which only proves that talent and/or connections and/or perseverance make up for good showbiz success. 

Charming: Earl Zanoria

TGIF! Our man for today is 22-year-old Earl Zanoria, one of the 69 hot, new bachelors of Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine in 2007 [“likes snuggling while watching tv at home”]. Earl, who stands 5’9.5″, was also a one-time contestant at Kouros Male Model Search 2006 [bagged by Merick Lumagui] and Bodyheat Model Search 2007 [won by Danny Marco Odejar].  Earl hopes to make a dent in showbiz and modeling. 

Kaisan Lopez post-summer

Summer has gone and passed and yet we did not even hear a squeak from perennial bikini open contestant Kaisan Lopez.  Remember this kid from previous posts?  He was Harry‘s runner-up at the 2007 Heatwave Bikini Showdown and he showed some potential back then.  From then on, he hopped from one contest to another with the hope of getting good showbiz feedback.  He was last seen at the Ilocandia Bikini Open 2008, and yes, he travelled 350 miles from Manila, all the way to Ilocos Norte for the contest. He didn’t win, though.

Niko waits..

It seems like most of the Provoq guys are on a roll these days.  The Johnron has a movie with Gabz del Rosario. Harry Chua is teasing all over that gay magazine called Frontman Reloaded.  Justin de Leon is in an indie flick called Paupahan.  And one of my favorite Provoq guys, Niko Arellano aka Aimann Perea is in, uh, inactive.  He deserves a big break, if you ask me.  Niko is funny and tall, spritely and sensual, and daring! Lex, how about a nice little movie about basketball?


Allen Dizon had a successful premiere night of his movie Paupahan recently. On June 30 the movie – produced by Allen and his friend Dennis Evangelista, the writer –  will have its preem in SM Pampanga prior to its July 2 theatrical run.  The reason I am writing this is because we should all go and support this indie movie [which also stars Jay Manalo and Justin de Leon]. Hmmm, ok… that and the bugging question on why every role of Allen Dizon in the movies is that of an aging hunk who pimps and hos!