Dream Boy

New actor Benjamin Alves is all set to claim his spot on top of the showbiz heap, as he gets to star in a major movie this year, Guniguni [lit. imagination]. Piolo‘s adorable nephew is now devoting all his time in the biz after graduating summa cum laude this year from the University of Guam with an English Literature degree.

Lean and Mean

Monday boy with the incredible bod is JC Tiuseco. Things are turning great recently in the showbiz career of the 26-year-old hunk. His stint at Survivor Philippines has effectively made his transition from modeling to hosting and acting. So far, GMA has been giving him important roles in its shows and soaps.

Jay Tonight

Don’t forget tonight – Pikit Mata [Blind Submission] will be screened at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute at 9 p.m. The movie is the true-to-life story of two brothers – one of them is Jay Austria [in photo] – born to poor parents [the mother is portrayed by Nadia Montenegro]. The brothers are male prostitutes in the movie. According to the PR, it is titled pikit mata because all of them, including the parents, turn a blind eye to what their sons do in the flesh trade in the community. The title also refers to the sex scenes, where the brothers close their eyes while they are in inner pain or exploitation.”


The guy with the impossible abs. That’s Jay Gonzaga – TV bit player, theater actor and commercial model. He’s in GMA’s prime time soap Luna Blanca and he’ll be seen next in Tanghalang Pilipino [the resident drama company of the CCP] president Max Makowski’s movie Paradise, featuring foreign actors.

Indie Boys

Mark your calendars for these hot movies featuring cute comers. At 9 p.m. on Friday, 27 July 2012, the movie Pikit Mata [Blind Submission] will be screened at the CCP Tanghalang Huseng Batute as part of the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival 2012 Exhibition. It stars sexy newbie Jay Austria [in photo], who figures in daring and shocking scenes with movie vet Romano Vasquez.

On the other hand, cutie Miko Pasamonte is back with another gay movie, Kumpare. According to the PR – The movie is the story of a bisexual married man’s forbidden love affair with his mysterious handsome neighbor and his discreet sexual desires over a group of male buddies. With its insurmountable atmosphere of fatalistic and lustful danger, Kumpare invites you for a nighttime voyeurism encounter. Be prepared for a sweaty and kinky experience. So there.