Monthly Archives: February 2013

Hot Male

Representing the choice of that percentage of the population who prefer hunky construction workers is GMA bit player and Bench Body model Pancho Magno.  Here he is all sweaty and sexy, with muscles in the right places and bulges in the proper sizes.  This one’s a hottie, most definitely.


Hail, hail the boys are here! How do you measure hotness in this picture? Let’s see, Vince Ferraren  stands 6’5″ and that translates vertically to 196 centimeters of man flesh! The twins Anthony and David Semerad are also at 6’5″ and that would have to be pure chunky hotness at 392 centimeters, double the fun. Now, if only we can make some measurements on the horizontal level, then we can do the entire math. 

Benjamin’s Thang

Remember this model Benjamin Tang? He’s a popular fly-in model here, as he has done major campaigns  for SM Men’s Department Store, Bench and practically all the A-list designers in town. Well, you see, he’s gone legendary for deforming the underwear that he models in fashion shows. Proof: click this and this.
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