More Jur plus one

JurjurNever mind that our favoritest Aljur is a hunk of contradictions. Remember, he quit his management team because he felt exploited with all the baring and daring? That he’s always required to take his shirt off to show his hidden talent/s? He’s still at it, of course. Because he can never hide those assets for long!

Boy2And you still haven’t identified the cute “macho dancer” for me! Here’s one more photo to help you.


devon3 copyImagine Filipino-Swedish Devon Spence in Bench Body underwear. Barely covered up in a tiny pair of colorful briefs, sometimes with a hint of penis line. Sexy, right? Because, you see, the hunky international model is now the latest endorser for the local underwear line. Which means, we’ll get to see his near-nakedness in malls, print ads, fashion editorials and even billboards pretty soon!


dalRemember that cute boy who auditioned for Century Tuna Superbods last year? Yeah, that one. The 19-year-old Aussie Dale McDonald, who nearly made it as a finalist except that some uglies were more influential with the judges. IMG_0987Well, he celebrated Australia Day a couple of days ago, naughtily showing off his hairy arse. We can’t complain, right?