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Paulo Avelino wet, wet, wet.

Sex object

zeus1 zeus2I just love using that term/phrase these days: sex object. In a good way, of course. I’m pretty sure Zeus Arellano a.k.a. God of the Dancefloor wouldn’t mind. He’s my object of fantasy, dream boy, kink kick, at the moment.  With his good looks and hot body, Mr. Z is surely raking in admirers who only have wild and prurient fantasies of this guy. Of course, it helps that rumors abound on his legendary large member.


Let’s call him “Michael,” the cute nekkid dancer.

Henry the boy

L1080305I know, he’s always here. You’ve seen him naked most of the time but what can I do? Aeron Cruz has lots of sexy teasing photos out there. Just like this one! Feast your eyes on this new image of the former bikini open standout. These days, Aeron or Henry or babe, whatever you might want to call this charming little boy, is busy with his direct selling business that’s making him rich.

TimMr. Hairy Legs Tim Manalansang

bikini boySwarthy Richard Solano in camo ‘kinis!

Dance for your money

md95This blog has never pretended to be anything other than a collection of images of boys in various states of undress. Undress it is for today! As I have said before, without apologies, this is a photoblog – pornographic or otherwise – that will never put sense into your lives. Meanwhile, if you can stand the posts, enjoy the scrumdiddlyumptious photo for today. Anyone with the 411 on this local guy?

kwongCandidate no. 1 Antonio Kwong waits for his turn.


JP Lopez comes out of the shadows.


Bikini boy is on fire! Hot!

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