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jave4 copy

Jave Villaviza revealing!


Baller Jens Knuttel is the very special friend of a certain individual of a regularly updated website. [Not me]

Marc Nash copy

Model Marc Nash shaven.

Karl MaghirangRandom naked guy.

Brazilian blowout

Georgie copyBrazilian model George Irineu deserves a post and category all his own in this site. He might as well be the Token Brazilian Model Always Nekkid. Front and back, how can we refuse such show? Today he goes easy on the eyes as he heats things up in his (supposedly) tighty whities. What time is it?

Fresh new man

Mark98It was bound to happen and I have a good feeling about this boy! Mark Neumann is finally going all-out sexy, well, in this case, shirtless-and-jeans-sexy as he prepares for bigger things in his showbiz career. There’s something cute and nice and bold about a young man just beginning to make his way in the world. In his case, the wayward showbiz world.

Mark copyMark is one of TV5’s newest actors on the leading-role block. The 21-year-old German-Filipino is not just a pretty pound of boy-meat as, according to his bio, he was “educated in England where he was born and raised, with a degree in Travel and Tourism.”


DLSU Green Archers basketball boys are hawt!

johnBest in Groin: Contestant 15, Johnrell Toshihiro.

Have a yen for Yheen

YheenMost of the time singer-model Yheen Valero delivers in the Hotness Department. Today is not an exception, as he’s filling in those boxer briefs just fine. Yheen’s always bulging through in his photos when he’s not singing with his boy group 1:43Pretty impressive, huh?


Derrick Monasterio is our hunky dream

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