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Here comes the boom

Zeus026 Zeus028Sometimes it’s not enough to have a pretty little face and a nice build.  Zeus Collins‘s expertise is dancing, and he’s a mean bump-and-grinding, teasing machine. There’s always something extraordinary when sexiness is matched by such talent, especially if he’s dancing in his skivvies.

MD0918Tats dancer boy, back and front

Alison Carlos copy

Mirror, mirror . . . what is the size of Ali Carlos’s member?


TroyMove along little boys, here comes a real chunky hunky man. Best remembered, perhaps, for his late lamented showbiz career as a lead actor and for his sexy underwear endorsement (gasp!), Troy Montero has captured the sighs of girls and young boys no doubt over the past two decades (he started in 1996). He’s back in the limelight. Well, in this site, actually, because I like him a lot and he’s showing off some bulge and he still packs a wallop.


The changing room.

piols copy

Piolo’s bulge


Little boy no more: Khalil Ramos

Just another cute boy


Actor Kiko Estrada firmly denies viral nude photo. So there, it’s not him. It’s just another cute little boy.

Aljur copy

We’ve all forgotten about Aljur Abrenica and his hot bod!

MaxBUp and coming hottie, Max Berardi

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