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Everyday JC!

img_4167What makes JC Santos tick? Talent trumps good looks anytime, although I’m not saying he’s bad looking. This charming little boy is the biggest breakthrough star this year, and he rightfully deserves it. He is such a talent to watch, and his  pleasant and endearing take on showbiz is something to behold!


Bikini boy Rhedz Turner will be a policeman soon!


Very charming, right?

md611 md615

md613 md617

The Changing Room

In Top Form

juneWhile we’re on the Manhunt International topic, June Macasaet is the current titleholder, having won it in 2012. He’s somewhat a favorite in this site, with his constant features of countless shirtless and underwear shots. He looks better nearly-nekkid in ‘dem undergear as if to the manner born, and that is reason enough for this post.


More Mr. Heussaff in action


Guess who.


donmcAnd he’s off! Police officer Don Mcgyver Cochico is now abroad to compete in the Manhunt International contest, which is a big deal for pageant-crazy Philippines. Of course, whether he wins or not, he’ll always be the number one hottie police officer in our books. Next to Neil. And maybe Dick.

Wow Man

matthias2Speaking of “coming from nowhere,” here’s new model in town, Matthias Rhoads. In his sexy case, “nowhere” is Savannah, Georgia, where the Filipino-American hunk grew up.  He’s a showbiz hopeful, and he has the cred to back his bid: he had fundamental acting training in the US. As I have said before the hunks that excite me the most are those who offer more than just a handsome face and perfect body. Matthias is a perfect example of this.


Arbie Silva is now a TVC model.

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