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More Harold Anunciacion!

Who is Ben Isaac?

ben-isaac1 ben-isaac2 ben-isaac

A cute guy in showbiz with a bangin’ bod has to disrobe to be noticed. At least that’s how it goes in Philippine showbiz. Twenty-three-year-old Ben Isaac, who came out of nowhere to land gigs in both tv networks as a bit player in soaps and shows, is doing just that. We’re only too happy to notice.

luchoBig things come in small packages: Lucho Ayala!

ravenUp and coming model Raven Tacwigan.


The Aquarium

Hideo up front

hideoHideo Muraoka looks hot and sexy in this shot and finally he dons the swimwear with the bulge. Previously, the Brazilian model was more conservative shirtless in board shorts and jeans. Hopefully, he’ll always wear the swim trunks in his photo shoots. Because we can never get enough of this guy, that’s why!


Orlando or Jay?

Super Star!

danHe may not be too keen anymore showing off his glorious 70s bush, but Brazilian model-actor Daniel Matsunaga is certainly handsomer these days. Daniel’s still doing the clean-cut wholesomeness shtick to cutesy perfection on national tv. Nudity is sorely missed, though.


Ben Isaac or Kirstey Viray?


Mr. Gay World-Phils contestant Raffy Gavina is getting a lot of following.

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