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That Uber Guy

Here’s Anjo Lazaro, that Uber guy you requested. The diminutive commercial model had his 15-minutes of fame, (rather 2:01 minutes of that vid) and more than 3 million views on social media. He’s relatively popular these days, which goes to prove that big things come in small packages.

Everybody looves Kevin Redder!

Jestoni Alarcon, c. 1995

Wears Bench Body underwear at the pool,  Jaymark Quintana

Mr. Smith

Our feature now is the generically-named Australian model (of Chinese-Welsh descent), Samuel Smith who is in town. There is nothing generic about him, though, as he has the remarkable qualities of a fun, sexy male model. I can’t begin to enumerate his other attributes, but if you can look lower, that would be a good start.

Fabio Ide is one hot papa!

Ronnie‘s doppelg√§nger, Aaron Sangcap

Artistic nude: Jheem!


It’s the start of the long weekend this side of the pond, and this is the lazy-ass post. I am now officially on vacation, but I just can’t leave this wayward site on a standstill. Today, we see the usual suspects – tv and movie actors and underwear models all, who continue to tease and please in their underthings.

Ejay kept it warm and balmy with his check-patterned undies, while Arron gave off that twinky vibe in stripes. And the side swept bangs! *gasp!

Why is Jake unhappy? Why is Carlos so perky? Are crazy patterns the trend these days in men’s undergarments?

Lem at the beachside

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