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Joross covers his privates this time

Flashback: a young-ish Lharby in speedos


In the battle for black-and-white body tight- and taut-ness supremacy, who do you think will come out on top of the (muscle) heap? I just wish there’s a counter for votes here somewhere, but for now you can leave your comments below. I am pretty sure you’ll choose Derrick. Or maybe Vin. I can’t decide, if you ask me. Life is hard.

Meet full-blooded Filo porn actor Christian Thorn

Throwback: Paolo sucks the juices out of Coco

Ex-model Geron Chang gets married!

Kinky Ink

I have never been a big fan of tats. However, if it’s one inked n’ nekkid guy like Ivan Carapiet, I’d be willing to set aside my serious bias towards the body marks. Besides, the tats don’t really overshadow his hot body, chiseled face and, uh, other endowments.

Bikini body: Simon Abrenica now

Remember Azkals player Simon Greatwich?

If you like pits: Jay Gonzaga

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