John All

Jon Hall was every gay boy’s puberty fantasy in the 90s and early aughts. His BenchBody underwear ads were always bordering on the masculine salaciousness of that era, you could almost smell the testosterone. These days, he’s retired abroad but his images in undies, sans modesty cap, still tease us. I got this in the email, and it’s a shame not to share. You decide if it’s really him, Smut Sleuth.

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Dick Pick

It pushes the limits of what I usually post on this blog, but if I’ve already been tagged as smutty, so today’s no different from the rest of this site’s uh, lengthy history. This latest caper is, of course, a partial dickfie on IG stories.  We’re loving it, and though it was limited and temporary, the snapshots will remain looong in our collective obscene memory.