Monthly Archives: May 2018

Ejay’s Falcon

Did Ejay Falcon live up to your expectations? The actor and underwear model is serving us some real VPL-ness this time of the season. It seems like he’s foregoing the modesty cups these days in favor of the authentic bulge. Here’s to more images like this in the future!

Ronnie Liang will do anything

Video boy Renz Pangilinan

Jet Stream

More for Hump Day.



The things I still get in the mail. Is this even him?

Kiko’s turn

Who wants to finance Kirstey’s travels?

Flaccid State

I may never understand why these boys do the swim-bike-run thing under the searing sun, but I am just too glad they’re in their tri-suits – tight and wet and with a hint of their, er, manhood. In this case, Gerald’s little treat for us this hot, hot summer day. Come to Mama~

A fuller Dom

Cute boy

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