Wednesday Miscellany

Time for your contributions. The boys are all here!
Alex Castro has flat buttocks

Model John Daryl Rose ushers in the new year in dots.

One-half of the twin towers, David Semerad is smokin’!

While Dennis Trillo is rockin’!

Will JC de Vera‘s dying career get a new boost?
Bit player Johan Santos should do more baring.

June Macasaet has gone terribly blonde.

That boy with Mark HerrasKristofer Martin has full hunk potential.

Sexy-bulgey even in shorts, our boy Martin del Rosario.

Will Rafael Rosell drop the towels soon?

Yeah, crazy-abs Sam Ajdanii.

Our favourite boy, Sebastian Castro is totally naked!

Prince Stefan is back on tv!
(Watch Madam Chairman on TV5 prime time)
Fir pitlovers, singer Young JV shows some good stuff.
And then there’s this guys who looks just like ….. 

Mirror Image?

Ever since commercial model, aspiring singer and town councilor Alex Castro [left] came out as a contestant in GMA-7’s Are You The Next Big Star?, people have been telling him he looks a bit like diminutive actor Dennis Trillo. I think there are some angles where the 23-year-old Alex resembles the 28-year-old Dennis. This spitting-image issue is being played to the hilt by the handlers of Alex, who aspires to advance in the popularity, talent and looks contest. Do they really look alike?

The Next Big Star

Will model-singer Geoff Taylor be the next big star over at GMA-7? The former Mossimo Bikini Summit contestant and Pinoy Dream Academy hopeful is competing again in the show Are You The Next Big Star? which is a reality singing competition. The 23-year-old native of Cagayan Valley hopes to win the contract and be famous. Of course, he is up against equally cute and sexy guys.

Geoff Taylor and Alex Castro

l-r: PJ Gonzales, Jay Perillo and Greggy Santos
Competition’s stiff: there’s a Dennis Trillo doppelgänger in the person of 23-year-old Alex Castro from Bulacan. Former ABS-CBN singing contestant, 20-year-old Jay Perillo is also in the contest. Tall, dark and cute 18-year-old PJ Gonzales is an early favorite with his raspy voice. And the articulate jock, 22-year-old former VJ Greggy Santos is also a notable candidate in the search. This one’s a good-looking bunch, if you ask me. Are You The Next Big Star? airs early evening every Saturday on GMA-7.