Wednesday Miscellany

Time for your contributions. The boys are all here!
Alex Castro has flat buttocks

Model John Daryl Rose ushers in the new year in dots.

One-half of the twin towers, David Semerad is smokin’!

While Dennis Trillo is rockin’!

Will JC de Vera‘s dying career get a new boost?
Bit player Johan Santos should do more baring.

June Macasaet has gone terribly blonde.

That boy with Mark HerrasKristofer Martin has full hunk potential.

Sexy-bulgey even in shorts, our boy Martin del Rosario.

Will Rafael Rosell drop the towels soon?

Yeah, crazy-abs Sam Ajdanii.

Our favourite boy, Sebastian Castro is totally naked!

Prince Stefan is back on tv!
(Watch Madam Chairman on TV5 prime time)
Fir pitlovers, singer Young JV shows some good stuff.
And then there’s this guys who looks just like ….. 

Brawny Boy

In case you were wondering about that strong and strapping guy at the Cosmo Bachelors Bash a few weeks ago, his name is John Daryl Rose. He has been modeling for quite some time. In fact, John Daryl was one of the contestants in the MTV Fashionista Best Model contest [won by Brent Javier].  These days, he’s playing escort to the old queen.  

Mirror, Mirror

Who’s the hottest of them all Mercator models? Well, this is the best in the backyard of one of the top agencies in town. There’s AJ Hanson lying in front.  Nat Kiefer is standing at Hideo Muraoka‘s right. The skinny model at the back is Terrence Lloyd. Seated in the middle is ex-fatso John Daryl Rose. The dark-skinned one at the back of model-of-the-moment Sam Ajdanii is Jovic Susim, part actor. Tattoed guy is newbie Rob Ricafort, behind the only guy in shorts Edward Raven. Rightmost guy is 18-year-old Kevin Redder, all of 6’2″ and a budding model. Who’s your best bet?


To the residents of a semiposh condominium building in BGC wondering why some boys who look like local runway models frequent this certain unit: See the one with black ribbons? That’s John Daryl Rose. The one with the funny orange gloves? That’s Carlito Gonzales. Look familiar? Yes, they are the regular model-consorts of the old queen who lives in your building! 

Red and Black

Red or black, who’s your fancy. Mr. Red is John Daryl Rose, who has been in the industry for so long. He has since adjusted to a better bod, after that f-a-t episode in Cosmo Bash a few years ago.  Of course, he looks hotter now.  Mr. Black is Charlie Sutcliffe, who is  relatively new to modeling. He has since appeared in prime spots on the runways and in tv ads.  Who’s your choice?

Chunky: John Daryl Rose

At the 2004 MTV Fashionista Model Search, a then 18-year old John Daryl Rose competed against the likes of Rocky Salumbides [winner],Don Mendoza, AJ Winkler, Victor Basa, Alec van Dierendonck, Dennis McIrvin [of Provoq] and a host of other mestizos. It was such a bumper crop of male models competing for the top plum and right to represent the Philippines in the Top Model of the World competition. Unfortunately, John Daryl Rose did not win but said contest opened doors for this 6’3″-tall stunner. John Daryl has modeled for the top designers in the Philippines and has appeared in tv commercials and print ads.