Carlo then and now



The top photos are the before pics while bottom photos are the now ones. Time flies so fast. Four years ago a fledgling and innocent-looking model by the name of Carlito Gonzales walked the runway in tacky clothes and underwear. These days, he’s levelled up the Bench Body high (underwear) fashion way. He’s now bulkier, older and wiser in the ways of the world!


To the residents of a semiposh condominium building in BGC wondering why some boys who look like local runway models frequent this certain unit: See the one with black ribbons? That’s John Daryl Rose. The one with the funny orange gloves? That’s Carlito Gonzales. Look familiar? Yes, they are the regular model-consorts of the old queen who lives in your building! 


It’s the start of the Philippine Fashion Week again! Time to see the, uh, models – male models in schlocky designs like, perhaps tight shiny underpants and mesh shirt. Nevertheless, the male mannequins are hot and they are getting younger and younger! In photo above is Carlito Gonzales, 6’1″-tall and only 18 years old. A varsity player for the STI Olympians team, he won Mr. STI College two years ago.