Vintage Sunday

And so it’s Anton Bernardo‘s turn for this Sunday feature. Anton was one of the major queer fantasies in the 90s, as he appeared in sex-themed movies, magazines and even tv shows, which were considered daring and uh, cocky during his time. This was the 90s and the digital camera was just starting to be developed commercially. Despite the crude photo, Mr. Bernardo, lust idol in his time, still turned out in a remarkable image, if you ask me.

Anton Bernardo against Danny Ramos

Remember Anton Bernardo, the 90’s sex symbol who worked his way through the sex flicks back then? Well, he is back and raring to tell his story in Japan as an entertainer. Currently, Anton is in the new GMA series Joaquin Bordado, and his resurgence in showbiz comes with his tell-all about his exploits in Nagoya as a bartender. He said he was with Leandro Baldemor, Toffee Calma, Justin Cuyugan, Gerald Madrid and Ralion Alonso in Japan. He also revealed that erstwhile sexy actor Danny Ramos [right photo], duped him into working for Santaro Club [owned by Danny’s rich Japanese wife]. Anton reportedly got less than what was agreed upon for two months work in said club. Nevertheless, Anton is raring to face the cameras again. In fact, he is also in a Viva Digital movie entitled Torotot [Destierro].

Thank you, Anton, it was a good ride.

I don’t know how they did it, but they [photos, stylists, movie crew] were able to put Anton Bernardo on top of a horse in a Batangas beach, for promotional photos of the erstwhile top sexy actor’s movie Red Diaries in 2001. It was a lasting image – proud Anton on top of a robust steed, with all his little hairs in the nether regions showing. Of course, they don’t make theatrical photos now such as this one. That’s why we have to thank Anton, for such dashing and daring move. It was a good ride, thank you.

Before heaps and loads of their glossy photos…..

[l-r: Rodel Velayo, Harold Pineda, Anton Bernardo]

…..hit the gay rags they had amateur pictures then, taken somewhere in a backyard studio or some talent manager’s office. Rodel Velayo, Harold Pineda and Anton Bernardo, who were queer fantasies in the 90s, as they appeared in sex-themed movies, magazines and even tv shows, were considered daring and uh, cocky during their prime. This was the 90s and the digital camera was just starting to be developed commercially [FYI: The first digicam prototype appeared in 1986 and the first commercial model in 1991, the Kodak DCS (Digital Camera System) 100, a 1.3-megapixel CCD fit into a Nikon film camera body. The DSC 100 is often cited as the first true commercially available digital camera, but it was sold only to well-heeled photojournalists for $10,000 to $20,000.] . Despite the crude photos, the three guys, lust idols in their time, still turned out in remarkable images, if you ask me.

Posing 101: Lying Face Down

[Anton Bernardo]

[Romano Vasquez]

[Jay Manalo]

[Patrick Guzman]

[Harold Pineda]

[Rodel Velayo]
Back in the olden days, when see-through meant curtains and not men’s underwear, one of the more popular variant poses for the strip-for-pay actors was the one lying face down. Plausibly, photogs for the gay mags who got tired asking their subjects to merely pose with their skivvies on, had to ask the guys to just lie down, with butt-crack showing. Remember, this was in the 90s and it was big deal then for these actors to well, position themselves that way. It was sufficient enough to tickle the prurient fancy of every adolescent gay boy then.