Ahhh Summer!

You know it’s the summer season when the boys come out to play in their tiny underclothes. Bikini open contestants often get a bad rap, but this site does not contradistinguish. Give me a boy with great physique and the perfect accessory, i.e. a tiny bikini, and we’re good for posting. Exhibit A is Justine Cruz and Exhibit B is Albert Gonzales. Shall we analyze the bodies of evidence now?

Christmas in the air

IMG_3805It’s the eve of Christmas! Here’s hoping that all greeting cards have all been sent because the Christmas rush is through. But if you still have one more wish to make, well… what could it be? Two boys – Justine and Albert –  in shiny ‘kinis and a partridge in a pear tree, perhaps?

Booty Cruz

IMG_3813 copy

There’s nothing like some nice, jiggly booty on a Saturday. And waddya know, here’s bikini open vet Justine Cruz once again, showing us full and fleshy buttocks. He’s smokin’ in those tight little thongs – plump backside, sturdy legs, and all.

A chunky hunky full-grown man


A chunky hunky full-grown man, this Justine Cruz is.  Sexy as fuck, Justine has seen the rounds of last season’s bikini competitions, winning some and losing others.  Maybe he can do indie flicks, of the flesh and queer variety.  He can do the tiny bikinis and probably run nekkid, too, on the beach, on a lovely bare-skinned romp. How’s that?

A New One

L1422890 copy

Oh, and this is how one wears a bikini. Pecs and abs and a bit of bump. Sexy up-and-coming model Justine Cruz is the ultimate bikini boy this side of town. There’s a lot of promise with this one, maybe he’s the new it-boy in the bikini open circuit this year.



Popular Bed Bar go-go boys Justine Cruz (British flag, red stripes) and Albert Gonzales (US flag, blue stripes) heat up the start of the work week in their tiny tighty underwear. The two guys also compete in bikini contests around town.  Happy Monday everyone!