“Karelasyon” Today

Karelasyon1 Karelasyon11Today’s episode of Karelasyon is all about masked boys in underwear and doing webcam shows.  Now that I have your attention, maybe you can figure out which one is Rodjun Cruz in the photos. There’s Ken Anderson and Sebastian Castro in come-hither poses, and maybe hunky Rodjun‘s somewhere in the masked images. Better yet watch the episode to see if he’s going to be in tight boxer briefs. Karelasyon airs after Eat Bulaga in GMA.

Younger and Better

In 2009, their older brothers appeared on stage together for the Cosmo Bachelors Bash. This year, the younger brothers take their turn. Twenty-one-year-old Kenneth Alex Anderson [left] and 22-year-old Vin Abrenica were not really centerfold features in the show but they sure made heads turn when they went shirtless.  Who’s hotter? Who’s cuter?