Hot Day

Model Kirst Viray travels to beaches and nice places and takes nice photos without his shirt on. That’s a good thing, at least for this site, as we ogle at his fine bod under the hot, hot sun. Tongues are wagging, but we care more about the sexy shots, right?

Durrrty Boys!

Have you heard about this group #dirtyboysph? It’s a ragtag threesome of diverse looks and background composed of Henrik Lagoni from Copenhagen, Jules Aquino from Virginia and Kirstey Viray from Bayambang. They went wakeboarding recently for the going-away party of Henrik, and they’re hot, hot, hot under the sun. Have you seen them bulging in underwear? I’ll share ….


Body of Kirst

This is one of those rare occasions when we see model Kirstey Viray in his undergarments.  Somehow, he has managed to be relevant on the fringes, often times playing to the frivolities of social media. He’s relatively succeeding in this young-eat-old world of show business.  Will he be on top?

April Shower

kirstWhat is admirable about Kirstey Viray, beyond the banging bod and all that junk, is that he was able to rise from the murk and mire of bikini contests to become one of Manila’s sought-after models for runways, magazine editorials and commercial work. I must admit, that little bit of edge is quite appealing.

There’s a blue light

viray2 viray1In modeling, having a muscular and lean physique is not enough. Of course, height matters. An interesting face with strong features helps a lot. But the one thing that spells b-i-g success in the field must be the connections. The proper acquaintance or sponsor is the prime link to ascendancy in the business. In photo above is model-of-the-moment Kirstey Viray, who rose from bikini open ignominy to top model (self) glorification.

Body of Kirst

Kirstey copyModel-of-the-moment Kirstey Viray rose above the muck and mire of bikini contests and nekkid dancing to become one of the more popular male models in the scene. How he did that is beyond my comprehension of casting couches and sleazy “sponsors”, but such feat is quite admirable. This guy’s story is also inspiring for bikini boys who have less in life (less money, less clothes) to aspire for better things.

Man buns

IMG_1254There was nothing spectacularly racy and risqué at the recently held Cosmo bash. Heck, no one went out in their underthings! So today is a good day for runway models who are taking their shirts and pants off in the name of hotness: Kirstey Viray and Carlo Lee. You’ve might remember Kirstey as the ballsy guy a few years back. Carlo is the Korean one, who’s bringing K-popness to our modeling scene.

Centerfolds 2015

A bit blah but we all expected it, right? The annual list of the Cosmopolitan (Phils) magazine’s top ten centerfolds is out in all their Lightroom glory! Don’t ask me how the magazine’s editors picked this incongruously varied group this year. Two are hot (Clint and Derrick). There’s a hideously unattractive person. One’s a washed up actor, who had nothing new to show. Oh, you decide!

Token Brazilian Cute BoyThe TrickPerennial MumpsLadyboyPretty BoyUgliest Centerfold EverWhoreboyHas been and washed up

Boys miscellaneous

IvanmatmarlonThis is to reaffirm my penchant for boys in tri-suits. Well, make that cute boys in tri-suits, who flaunt their hot bods and hotter bulges!  These three comprise the Sexy Trinity of triathlons lately: the guy on the left who looks like Atom Araullo is actually bit player and model Ivan Carapiet. Of course, you know Matteo Guidicelli and Marlon Stockinger. They are literally racy, if you ask me.

kirstey copyIt takes guts to walk on stage in your underwear. But when it comes to Kirstey Viray, who is being packaged as the new boy with a unique look in modeling town, he’s confident doing just that. In fact he’s done more than underwear modeling in his racy past.

IMG_7790Are male models these days more daring than their counterparts years ago? Like, for example, these underwear models who strut their stiff, er, stuff in front of the cameras. Sans qualms and apprehension, they wear close-fitting underthings. Which, of course, makes us a wee bit happy to see some shapes and forms and sizes down South. That’s Martin Flores, btw.

john1 john2And then there was John. John Spainhour and his mushroom dick. Because we can never get enough of this hot, hot man. Happy Friday everyone!

Kirstey’s Alley

KirstMaybe we should do a was-is story once in a while. Like boys from sleazy beginnings to successful endings.  Like Kirstey Viray who used to dance nearly-nekkid in small bars for dimes as prize money. He’s now a runway model, leaving his sordid past behind for better opportunities in the big city.

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