Kian Kazemi is getting hotter!

Kian Kazemi [left], the 22-year-old Filipino-Iranian model who snagged relative fame as one of the housemates in the Philippine edition of Big Brother, seems to be getting sexier by the day. And he is starting to get noticed. At the biennial Bench underwear show last year, he showed his lean and mean form, much to the delight of the shrieking audience that night.  Recently, he won at the Star Awards as one of the Best Travel Show Hosts for his ABS-CBN show Trip na Trip.  Kian Kazemi should be getting more projects soon, if you ask me.  By the way, Kian is shown in the picture with his friend, a model-actor by the name of Jude Marco.

Fetching: Ally Reyes

Twenty-three-year-old Ally Reyes is a model and bit player in the movies. He was last seen in last year’s festival movie Desperadas and the 2005 comedy Ako Legal Wife. Of course, he is in those blink-and-you’ll-miss-me scenes, but the the 6′-tall part-time model is pursuing his career in showbiz just the same. Ally Reyes is a graduate of Banking and Finance from the Philippine School of Business Administration [PSBA] in Quezon City.

Johnron Tanada invades Macau

By now, after reading all comments -nasty or otherwise – on Jude Marco in Macau [see previous posts], you would already know that the Johnron is in that gambling capital, too. He is part of a group of guys performing in the popular discos in Fisherman’s Wharf and Avenida Comercial. Reportedly, the Johnron’s one of the top earners because of his popularity among the locals [and some ex-pats and tourists]. Of course, with such handsome face and a muscled bod that’s up to snuff, that would be a given.

Then and Now: Jude Marco

The first guy in our Then-and-Now series is this site’s newest phenom, male model Jude Marco Sy-pongco. A few years back, he had long curly hair, which made him stand out from a crowd. Of course, he had fair, smooth and rosy skin [see left photo]. Now, Jude Marco has moved to Macau as a dancer and entertainer and he is reportedly doing well, career- and financial-wise. He still looks gorgeous, except that he cut his hair short [see right photo]. This photo on the right was taken last November 2008, when he looked a bit lighter. Just the same, he looks mighty fine, if you ask me.

Red Anderson’s Schedule

Male model Red Anderson will sing, act, strip and show his six-pack abs in the nth staging of the Filipino musical Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah. The 24-year-old hunk, previously known as the guy with “a Sweet past with a Boy“, will be seen as the leading man of the superhero[ine] on – 7 February [8 pm], 13 February [8 pm], 7 March [3 pm and 8 pm] and 8 March [3 pm]. The venue – The Little Theater at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. The other actors alternating as the leading man are Lauren Novero and Arnold Reyes. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah is based on the fictional comic book superheroine created by Filipino illustrator and graphic designer Carlo Vergara in December 2002. It is the story of a powerful and voluptuous female in large red hair and a muscular physique, with a sissyish male homosexual as an alter ego.

Nino Ibarrola + Macau’s DD2 Disco

Twenty-five-year-old model and call center agent Nino Ibarrola a.k.a. Nino Rico has been in the modeling business for quite some time now. He was one of the Cosmopolitan [Phils] magazine’s 69 hot bachelors. Although he didn’t reach his peak and popularity in runway and commercial fashion assignments, this 6’2″-tall native of Lucena City is now making waves as an entertainer and model in the island city of Macau. He has been there for a couple of years already and apparently, the pay’s good and the job’s groovy.

Nino Ibarrola can be seen in these photos [bottom photo, rightmost] sent in by a reader who has been to Macau. This was taken in DD2 Disco where the boys merely dance in synchronized hip-hop moves. Contrary to reports that they dance without their shirts and pants on, Nino and the boys [Jude Marco is somewhere there with the newsboy cap] are fully clothed in DD2. Incidentally, DD2 Disco and its counterpart DD3 at Fisherman’s Wharf are not strip clubs and the clubs attract a mixed crowd of expats and locals.

JC Tiuseco sexy

I’m loving John Carlo “JC” Tiuseco for his quiet charm. Plus he has that man-boy appeal in a killer body. In case you were living under a rock last year, JC happens to be the winner of Survivor – Philippines, a popular reality tv show where contestants are usually shipped off to the wilderness. JC was noticed in that show. As grand winner, he has received offers for tv projects. He declared though, in previous interviews, that he won’t go sexy for now and instead he wants to do drama.

Dennis Torres for Sagwan

So there’s this new movie called Sagwan [literally, “paddle”] and it’s an independent production from Rocca Productions under the direction of Monti Parungao. One of the guys in the movie is sexy Dennis Torres, a former contestant at the Mister Philippines-International pageant. Reportedly, he’s doing the obligatory frontal nudity scene in this film shot in panoramic Calauag, Quezon. Dennis Torres is a member of the new boy-group Cappuccinos. The movie Sagwan will premiere at the UP Film Institute on 4 February 2009 .

Erie and Gino

Today, I would like to be extra generous with cute boys. Youthful and fresh. They are part of a new group of boys called Cappuccinos from Rocca Productions. I think they are going sexy, as they have a new movie coming out in February called Sagwan. Of course, details will follow soon about the movie shot in scenic Calauag, Quezon and there are eight [8] guys in the group. In the meantime, here are two of them:  The one in the top photo is Genesis “Gino” Cabrillas, 23 years old and has appeared as a contestant in the Ginoong Pilipinas 2007 [won by Dennis Barrion] and Mister Philippines 2007 [won by Ian Leonel Porlayagan]. Gino, who stands 5’9″-tall, is from La Union and Baguio City. The bottom photo is that of Erie Obsena, a 20-year-old newbie actor who has appeared in the film festival drama Baler. Erie is from Olongapo City. Now, wait till you see the other equally-cute and sexy members of Cappuccinos!

Swarthy: Alvin Aguilar

Alvin Aguilar is tall, dark and handsome. This 5’11”-tall hunk who is making heads turn with his exotic good looks and muscled physique is an Abaknon, from Samar province.  According to the National Commission for Culture and the Arts website, the Abaknon “live on the island of Capul on the northern tip of Samar in the San Bernardino Straits, south of the province of Sorsogon.”  Alvin Aguilar, who is 21 years old, has already modeled for major brands and fashion retailers on the runway.  He is a graduate of the Capul Agro-Industrial School in Samar.
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