Degrees of Ugly

There are many degrees of ugly. For instance, some may find international model Paolo Roldan attractive. Others abhor his look. No doubt he has a crazy bod, but when Bench Body hauled his ass  off to Manila and put up giant billboards of his images, no one really went gaga over the guy.  Is Manila not cosmopolitan enough for this erstwhile Givenchy model? Or is Paolo really butt ugly? 

New Bench Body Model

And the newest Bench Body model is….international mannequin with Filipino roots, Paolo Roldan! The 6’2″-tall model from Toronto, Canada will be appearing for the summer collection of the local underwear brand. Paolo shot to fame via Givenchy’s Coup de Foudre ad [link] in the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris, where he did a full frontal pose. Hopefully, he’ll do just that for Bench. 


New York, NY – Still the top male supermodel with Filipino blood running through his modelesque veins is Paolo Roldan. Made famous by Givenchy in its Coup de Foudre ad [with Paolo in his full frontal glory] in the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris, the 6’2″-tall model from Toronto, Canada is lording it over the runways and print ads for the top brands.


Not in the Philippines, but definitely Filipino. So, can we make an exception, pretty please? It’s a full frontal guy for crying out loud! This is Paolo Roldan, the newest male supermodel – thanks to Givenchy’s Coup de Foudre ad [in photo] in the June 2010 issue of Vogue Paris. The 6’2″-tall model from Toronto, Canada closed for Givenchy’s fall winter collection fashion show in Paris last January. Snaps for the guy!