In stark contrast…

.. while Per Martin Grogaard [top photos] gets to pose for amateur shots in a lonely beach in his printed jockeys, Haroun “Ron” Morales stirs up his shots in a controlled environment in his Bench undies. Both are Be Bench alum – the 6’0″-tall Martin as the second eliminee and the 5’10”-tall Haroun as first runner-up in the finals night. Haroun went on to do print ads for the underwear company while Martin [who shows a lot of promise, if you ask me] had to go back to his native Cebu.

Per Martin Grogaard at the Be Bench Finals

Per Martin Grogaard was the second guy to be eliminated from the Be Bench: Be Famous or Be Anonymous Model Search. The 21-year old Cebuano baller was cast off during the episode on Poise, Posture and Composure as he got the lowest score from the judges. However, at the Be Bench Finals Night, he was there in the Underwear Fashion Show with fellow eliminees. The 6′-tall mestizo easily got hold of the frenzied crowd that night with his height and looks. And it seems Per Martin Grogaard is on his way to becoming famous after all.