Back stage 2

Different scenes, different shows, back stage. Top photo was taken before a Bench underwear fashion show, with Ervic Vijandre, Marvin Wijangco, JC Tiuseco and AJ Winkler posing for the camera. Bottom left photo was shot at the Cosmopolitan Bachelors Bash -Air 69 Edition, with Bruno Folster, Derek Ramsey and Paolo Paraiso. And of course with the bottom right photo, back and beyond the stage at the little bar that could, Lips Bar, with two boys waiting for their cue before a daring show.

Vintage Jake Cuenca

I just dug up these old photos of Jake Cuenca, Bench Body’s favorite boy in briefs. The first photo [white briefs] was taken backstage before the Bench Fever show at the Araneta Coliseum held two years ago. Back then, Jake looked like a little boy [with a stiffy!] lost amidst half-naked models. And he still had those abs. The second one was taken at the Be Bench finals night last year, where he just grabbed his crotch on stage, much to the delight of the crowd. Obviously, Jake had grown quite a bit.

In stark contrast…

.. while Per Martin Grogaard [top photos] gets to pose for amateur shots in a lonely beach in his printed jockeys, Haroun “Ron” Morales stirs up his shots in a controlled environment in his Bench undies. Both are Be Bench alum – the 6’0″-tall Martin as the second eliminee and the 5’10”-tall Haroun as first runner-up in the finals night. Haroun went on to do print ads for the underwear company while Martin [who shows a lot of promise, if you ask me] had to go back to his native Cebu.

John and Ron again

It’s John and Ron again, in tighty whities, for the Bench White Gold series! The two runners-up at the Be Bench model search seem to be getting a lot of breaks lately on on tv and modeling assignments. Brooding Haroun “Ron” Morales is in the fantasy sleuth series Palos of ABS-CBN, aside from appearances in the network’s soaps and shows. Meanwhile, perky John James Uy is a semi-regular in the Sunday noontime show in the same network, while appearing in tv commercials, soaps and shows.

Who’s hotter?

Who’s sexier? At the Be Bench Finals held last year, three guys were made to stand next to each other [photo above, l-r] – the tall mestizo Jon Mullally, twinkie Jake Cuenca and moreno Bruce Quebral . If you were to choose, hypothetically, among the guys, who would it be? Will it be the Filipino-British Mullally, who seems bland but tall and goodlooking anyways? Or the young tease Cuenca, who is the IT boy of his home studio these days? Or maybe, you prefer the hunkier baller Quebral, with typical Filipino looks?

Vintage Haroun

Before he got famous in the Bench contest [and eventually, the underwear ads], Haroun “Ron” Morales looked like this. The shy lad from Las Pinas City has indeed gone a long way – after his stint at the Bench model search. Before, he was a fledgling pageant-contestant, from Mr. Campus Face 2005 to the Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007. Now he regularly appears in ABS-CBN shows, aside from his exposure in the Bench ads.

Carlo Guevara for Bench Body

Bench finally comes up with the poster of its Be Bench Model Search grand winner, barely legal Carlo Guevara. The 18-year-old upstart beat heavy favorites John James Uy and Haroun “Ron” Morales for the top modeling prize. He now appears in ABS-CBN shows as part of his booty in the contest. While Carlo is the reluctant boy in briefs, eliminees John and Ron have started taking the sexy route by going shirtless in Bench ads and in TV. Carlo has now been cast in a teen show in ABS-CBN.

John James Uy has no pretensions….

…of being wholesome and all. He declared in a magazine interview that he is willing to pose with just his skivvies on as he had the body to show off. John James Uy is the 5’10”-tall commercial model who was the first to be eliminated at the Be Bench Finals Night held recently. However, he was the first among the finalists to get a deal with the ABS-CBN network as he was cast as the third wheel of a popular love team in the Lovespell series.

Enchong is having fun

Smooth boy Enchong Dee seems to have abandoned his training for the Olympic Gold. He’s been concentrating lately on tv soaps and shows, and modeling for the underwear brand Bench. First photo above was taken from the Bench Fever Underwear and Denim Show in 2006, where the 18-year old showed his swimmer’s bod, while second photo [right] was taken recently at the Be Bench Finals Night, where he bared a bit of extra poundage.

Bruce can’t hear a thing

Bruce Angelo Quebral, the 25-year-old baller-turned-model-turned-actor, professes his great love and affection to his girlfriend, the nationally-abhorred Big Brother alum who fast-tracked to notoriety due to her scheming ways. Despite the bad press that the girlfriend has been getting, the mild-mannered Bruce remains loyal and supportive. He has ignored the advice of close friends and family to ditch the bitch. Incidentally, he was dropped from the cast of Regal Films’ Desperadas, his first movie supposedly, due to schedule problems.