Santuaryo Today!

The DVD of Santuaryo will be released today in major stores. The features of the disc are – [a] full-length movie sans cuts, which means the censored scenes in the commercial run will be restored for viewing pleasure in the privacy of your own home; [b] DVD extra feature of more than 30 sexy photos of the actors in the film; and [c] mini poster inside the case. As for the poster, the DVD will have a slip case, which when removed will reveal the folded poster within the transparent cover sleeve of the DVD case. The photo of Justin Dizon above is part of the bigger picture of all the Santuaryo actors posing without their jockeys for the bonus poster. Cheapskates who buy bootleg versions of the movie won’t be able to see the poster or the photos. Buy the original DVD, natch!

Santuaryo DVD

Remember Armando “Gino” Quintana? He was the guy [with dong a-dangling] who streaked past a nekkid group of boys marooned on an island in the movie Santuaryo. The good news is that the DVD of Santuaryo is slated for release this weekend in major record and movie stores [read: SM malls]. What’s so special about this DVD? According to the producers, this will be a full-length film without cuts “so all the frontals that have been darkened or removed in the theater version will finally be shown in its integral version.” More features will be revealed tomorrow, plus some cheeky picture of one of the actors in the movie!

Santuaryo Today!

Hail, hail the gang’s all here! The new all-boy indie flick Santuaryo is showing today, Wednesday at the following theaters – Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Roben, Gotesco Grand Central, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Commonwealth, and Cebu Ultravistarama. Basti Romero [in jeans] is leading the pack and who knows what nasty surprise he might spring. There will be a meet-and-greet with Basti Romero a.k.a. Ardie Bascara tonight at Robinsons Galleria, 7.30 p.m.

Santuaryo Tomorrow

Tomorrow’s the big day for the boys as their movie about an island, getting lonely, copulating and falling in love gets shown in theaters for its commercial run. Santuaryo will be shown in selected cinemas, such as Robinsons Galleria, Remar, Roben, Gotesco Grand Central, Isetann Cinerama, Gotesco Commonwealth, and Cebu Ultravistarama starting tomorrow, Wednesday. Of course, the more daring boys get to show off their wares. I meant talent. In acting.


Post-boxing euphoria, daring indie flick regular Will Sandejas is also taking his gloves off and shows some balls in displaying his bobbles. Tee-hee. The thing is, Will‘s new movie Santuaryo has recently been approved by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board [MTRCB] for commercial showing starting on Wednesday, 17 March 2010 in selected theaters [Robinsons Galleria, e.g.]. This one’s produced by Climax Films under the direction of controversial auteur Monti Parungao.


Speaking of Folded & Hung, here’s Justin Dizon in white briefs, showing us all what it takes to be an underwear model – bold, brazen and big. He’s also appearing in Climax Films‘s new movie Santuaryo, which will commence its commercial run on 17 March 2010 [Wednesday] in selected theaters. Justin may or may not show his naked self in the movie, depending on the MTRCB’s whimwham. Just the same, here’s a picture and try to imagine the shape and size of that wing dang doodle. TGIF!

Oh, Gino!

It’s Gino Quintana again, promoting the new indie flick Santuaryo, which starts its commercial run on 17 March 2010. Santuaryo will be shown in selected theaters, such as Remar, Roben, Gotesco Grand Central, Robinsons Novaliches, Robinsons Galleria, Robinsons Ermita, Robinsons Iloilo, Robinsons Bacolod, Ultravistarama Cebu and Gotesco Ortigas. Here’s hoping that the MTRCB approves the Gino episodes involving full frontal, flapping and flaunting scenes.

Lazy Sunday

Sunday morning, yellow sky. The sun is floating, diamond high. I’m just on LSS mode from October Project’s Sunday Morning Yellow Sky song, and I’m in a state of do-nothingness on the verge of drowsiness, actually. Let’s see … Last night’s Jake Cuenca show at the Mall of Asia was a bringdown because Jake wore jeans throughout the show – never showing his butt and other parts where the sun doesn’t necessarily shine. Earlier this morning, I did that ABS-CBN-sponsored run along Roxas Boulevard in Manila and Jake was running and walking in his 5-km race. Piolo was faster, running 10 kms. in true running form. Hot and sweaty, he had nice round buttocks! I’m rambling because I can’t think now of any entry, too tired and torpid. And here’s AJ Ona – wet briefs and all – again, promoting the indie flick Santuaryo, which will have its commercial run starting 17 March 2010 in selected theaters.