Hardy: Andrew Smith

Don’t you just love them rough, juicy and fleshy? I’m not talking about a pear. I’m referring to men or legal-aged boys, for that matter. This year’s winner of the Mossimo Bikini Summit, 21-year old Andrew Smith maybe just that. This 5’9″-tall, half-Filipino, half-Aussie tennis coach pulled a chunky surprise and grabbed the title, beating Manila’s seasoned models and reed-thin hopefuls for the summer’s uppity skimpy skivvy open. Undoubtedly, Andrew Smith has a beautiful face, more luminous and classy than the other candidates. And that is more than enough.

Aljarreau Galang, Yoga Instructor

Aljarreau Galang, or simply Al Galang – second runner-up at the recently-concluded Mossimo Bikini Summit 2007, grew up in San Diego, CA but came home to Manila “to spread bikram yoga.” The 24-year old hottie took up Political Science and Art History at UCLA. Before flying in to Manila in October last year, he was a yoga instructor at the Bikram Headquarters in La Cienega, Bikram Fullerton, and Bikram downtown LA [the one right across Disney Concert Hall]. Now that he is home, the yoga instructor can be seen regularly holding classes at Bikram Yoga Manila with two studios in the metro – Makati and Quezon City. So if you need to lose weight or you always feel stressed or you lack energy or you want to learn from Al Galang himself, do bikram yoga and inquire from their website at www.bikramyogamanila.com.

Remembrance of Hunks Past: Barako Boys

The success of the Vagina Monologues male ripoff in Manila, aptly called Penis Talks, inspired the creative minds of the male leads’ talent managers to form a group for their wards. The group, resolutely named as Barako Boys, was then formed, which was composed of actors Jay Manalo [now 33 years old], Christian Vasquez [30], Luis Alandy [26], Reggie Curley [29], Carlo Maceda [30s], and Paolo Paraiso [25]. The group came out with an album under BMG Records, which was a mild hit. After performing in tv shows and live concert appearances, the Barako Boys simply vanished and disbanded. Of course, some of the boys are still around in the biz, albeit no longer collectively. Jay Manalo is still acting in movies and tv series, usually in father roles. Christian Vasquez, the model turned actor, is also doing guest appearances on tv and his Liberated series for Seiko Films just didn’t get sequels anymore. Luis Alandy, who was launched originally by GMA-7 as one of its stable of actors but who eventually jumped ship to ABS-CBN, can be seen in tv soaps as a freelancer. Reggie Curley, Bodyshots 1996 titleholder, has disappeared and probably gone back to his native Angeles City. Carlo Maceda, Mossimo Bikini Summit 2002 grand winner, has married and no longer makes regular appearances in the biz. And Paolo Paraiso, one of the top PMAP models before joining showbiz, has recently separated from his live-in partner for years and is doing minor guest roles on tv.

How about Marvin Agustin?

Yeah, why not Marvin Agustin? This diminutive and multi-awarded 28-year old actor’s got enough oomph appeal. After switching channels from the station that discovered and built him up [and eventually cast off to near-oblivion in favor of younger actors], Marvin Agustin is on a renaissance in his career. His new station, Channel 7, has given him endless projects – mostly soaps, series and prominent guest appearances in its programs.

Jailbait: Gelo

Gelo is another one of those nameless boys featured in gay rags out there. What struck me most about this 18-year old boy is the promise of youth vigorously thriving, which somehow awakens our fascination with the beauty of that awkward age. This boy makes one fine Sunday gazing – sunshiney, fresh and sweet. Oh, such jailbait.

Redux: Jayvee Cepeda

So how about a Jayvee Cepeda overload [see previous post in Search]? I’m just wondering what this guy’s been doing lately at that Malate gay club, Bed – always in the company of a rather heavyset person. So for all the gay guys who have recently seen [and groped in the dark] this chunk-of-a-hunk in Bed, here’s Jayvee in living daylights.

Weekend Scorcher: Will Sandejas

Will Sandejas, Kristian Tanfelix in the real world, is 23 years old and a fixture at bikini contests before joining showbiz. He dusky looker from Laguna finished a special course for caregivers and initially intended to work abroad until he can no longer ignore the lure of the kleig lights.

Will Sandejas was first runner-up at the Metro Bar Bikini Open and the winner of Fashion Quest 2006 held at the Pearl of Manila Hotel. Then he joined Upstyle Modeling Agency’s Style Eyecatchers Model Search, where he was declared as a winner in one of the editions of said search. Next came the movies.

[Will is in the middle, between Mike Hoo and Maico Eduria, aka Josh Ivan Morales]

Will, who was once the lead vocalist of Replay Band, was one of the naked miners [yes, miners] in the indie exploitation film Troika, which also came up with a limited edition magazine from which the images above were taken. He was last seen in another gay bare-for-all flick called Sikil with the boyish Ken Escudero [search previous posts].

Dick-A-Day: Jay Trias

Again, don’t be mean, guys. Jay Trias has a nice bod, right? Jay was a member of the now-defunct Naked Hunks of the Philippines group. The imaginatively-named group, which came out with a calendar two years ago, also performed in sing-along and comedy bars in the metro, as, uh, models in between sets. Although they didn’t walk down the stage with dongs-a-dangling, they were fitted in the skimpiest underthings. Sadly, the careers of the guys-in-the-buff comprising the group, including Jay’s, was also short. I meant short-lived.

Everybody loves Rodel!

Hello Rodel! Are you sitting down? Good, because I need to tell you something. You must come back. I just blew 500 freakin’ pesos for one magazine, the ones with unknown nude Filipino guys in various states of undress. And you know what? I just remembered you. Yes, you of all naked men from the past. I mean, you can sock it to these wannabees how to pose for a magazine. All they show are butts and pubes. They don’t have balls, for crying out loud [To refresh your memory, you first posed for a Seiko Films’ promo shoot showing your cojones. That was so, uh, ballsy of you!] And they don’t even come close to you, looks-wise. So, how about coming back? Maybe some show of skin, for all time’s sake [I heard you still look great Down Under, I mean, in Australia. Are you really settled there for good?]. Surely you still have many queer folk-fans out there. Leonardo’s now in Queens, probably getting fat from the burgers and fries and burritos. Harold’s nowhere in sight, maybe he’s back in the boondocks of Nueva Ecija or firmly settled somewhere in a Kyoto club, I don’t know. JC’s gaining weight, lots of ’em, I saw him a few months ago in P. Burgos, Makati’s red light district. And the great Anton has disappeared, too. So, there’s not much competition. You’ll be Burlesk King all over again. Imagine the adulation and the money. So, why not a comeback?